4 Easy Ways An Auto Owner Can Make Their Transmission Last Longer

An automobile's transmission plays a very important role in transmitting power to the drive train and properly shifting gears. Thus, replacing a transmission can cost a lot of money. Most auto owners want to get the most life out of their transmission as possible in order to avoid the expense of costly transmission repair. Use the following tips to keep your transmission in good repair for many miles: Pay Attention to the Transmission Fluid Read More 

3 Guidelines To Care For Your Truck AC

If your drive a pickup truck and want to be certain that your ride is always comfortable, it is very critical that you focus on caring for the air conditioner. By taking care of the air conditioner to the best of your ability, you'll get the most out of your truck's performance, in addition to preventing issues related to mold and mildew in your vents. To be sure that you are getting all that you need out of your truck air conditioner, start out with some of the points below. Read More 

3 Major Advantages Of Installing A High-Performance Battery On Your Vehicle

If you are like most vehicle owners, when your car needs a new battery, you will just swing by the auto parts store and pick up the first thing you see that fits your price range. However, there are a few good reasons why you should not skip right past those high-performance batteries you see displayed on the shelf, even though they are a little higher than the rest. High-performance batteries are often thought of s an unnecessary expense, but in truth, this one upgrade in your normal everyday vehicle could give you some pretty awesome advantages. Read More 

Protect Your Speedboat’s New Windshield From Damage

If your speedboat's windshield was recently replaced, the following tips will assist with protecting the new piece of glass so that it remains intact and does not become severely scratched while out enjoying your time cruising through the water and during times that you are not utilizing the watercraft.  Inspect And Replace Wiper Blades And Clean The Windshield After Outings After taking your speedboat out on the water, visually inspect the windshield wiper blades to make sure that no debris is stuck on them or that the blades rubber edges are not worn down, which could cause the blades to scrape along the windshield and cause damage during a future water excursion. Read More 

Car Air Conditioner On The Fritz? Possible Causes To Consider

When you hop in your car on a hot summer day, one of the last things you want to find is that your car's air conditioning system is suddenly not able to cool down your car that is broiling from the heat and sunshine. However, as with any other system in your car, your air conditioner is not infallible and can fail. Before you take your car in for auto a/c repair services, it is important to know the potential causes of your air conditioner's failings so that you can know what to expect from your mechanic as well as potentially be able to look out for these issues in the future so you do not have a repeat of this unfortunate situation. Read More