Signs Your Vehicle Will Give You When Your Suspension Is Worn Out

Your vehicle suspension is what absorbs all the bumps in the road as your drive. Your vehicle's suspension is responsible for that smooth ride you feel when you drive your vehicle. When your vehicle's suspension starts to get worn down, you start to feel it in your ride. The four specific differences you'll notice when your vehicle's suspension gets worn out is excessive shaking, lots of bouncing, and uneven tire wear: Read More 

How To Know If You Need Brake Repairs

When you are out on the road in your car, you want to feel safe and secure in your vehicle. Most of the time, people tend to take for granted the idea that their car is functioning properly. However, if you want to be more proactive about your auto repair services and the overall maintenance of your car, there are some steps you can take to do so. Your brakes are among the most important systems of your motor vehicle, and the last thing you want is for them to fail, when you are out on the highway. Read More 

Transmission Coolers: How They Work & Who Should Get One

If you are experiencing an overheating transmission or think you're at risk for one, then you may want to invest in a transmission cooler. Overheating can severely damage your transmission and shorten its lifespan. Coolers are designed to keep your transmission cool during unusual conditions that put them under extreme strain and at risk for overheating. While some vehicles, especially those designed for towing, come with a transmission cooler as standard equipment, they can also be installed for just about any vehicle. Read More 

A Few Things To Know About The Transmission Fluid In Your Car

Transmission fluid lubricates the parts of the transmission in your car so it can function properly. Depending on the type of car you have, you may not need to change the transmission fluid very often, but it should at least be checked regularly because it can show if your transmission is developing problems. Here are a few things to know about the transmission fluid in your car. How Often The Fluid Needs Changed Read More 

2 Signs Your Car’s Brake Pads Are Worn Out

If your car has started acting funny when you try to stop, you may wonder if there is an issue with your brakes. If so, look for the following signs that could indicate that your brake pads are worn out. Squealing Noises When Trying to Stop One sign that your brake pads are wearing down is hard to miss. You will hear squealing noises whenever you try to stop your vehicle, especially as you come to a complete stop. Read More