Protect Your Speedboat’s New Windshield From Damage

If your speedboat's windshield was recently replaced, the following tips will assist with protecting the new piece of glass so that it remains intact and does not become severely scratched while out enjoying your time cruising through the water and during times that you are not utilizing the watercraft.  Inspect And Replace Wiper Blades And Clean The Windshield After Outings After taking your speedboat out on the water, visually inspect the windshield wiper blades to make sure that no debris is stuck on them or that the blades rubber edges are not worn down, which could cause the blades to scrape along the windshield and cause damage during a future water excursion. Read More 

Car Air Conditioner On The Fritz? Possible Causes To Consider

When you hop in your car on a hot summer day, one of the last things you want to find is that your car's air conditioning system is suddenly not able to cool down your car that is broiling from the heat and sunshine. However, as with any other system in your car, your air conditioner is not infallible and can fail. Before you take your car in for auto a/c repair services, it is important to know the potential causes of your air conditioner's failings so that you can know what to expect from your mechanic as well as potentially be able to look out for these issues in the future so you do not have a repeat of this unfortunate situation. Read More 

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Brakes

Your car's brakes are one of the most important parts of the entire vehicle, as they allow you to control your speed. As such, old and failing brakes can greatly increase the risk of an accident occurring. Further, brake repairs tend to be fairly expensive and complicated to do, since brakes are such a central system within your vehicle. Thankfully, you can do a number of different things to extend the lifespan of your brakes for as long as possible, increasing your safety and saving you money on auto repair services. Read More 

4 Signs You’re Paying Too Much For Auto Repairs

Owning a car can be costly. Not only do you have to worry about the costs that go along with paying your car payment, but you also have to worry about insurance, gas, maintenance, and repairs. If you are like many car owners, however, there is a chance that you are paying more for your auto repairs than you have to. These are a few signs that this might be the case and that it might be time to make some changes so that you can save money on car ownership. Read More 

A Quick Look At The Advantages Of Adding A Custom Truck Body To Your Business Pick Up Truck

Whether you have a small trade business or spend your time hauling limbs, brush, or recyclables for extra cash, it is highly likely that you spend your days driving a pickup truck. Pickup trucks work well for a lot of small business related tasks, but have you ever considered the fact that they could be made even better? The fact is, adding a custom-made truck body to your pickup could completely change how you use your pickup truck for business. Read More