Semi-Trailer Repairs: Two Main Benefits Of Using A Dealership Versus An Auto Shop

When your semi-trailer gets into a collision or breaks down, you typically have two options for where you can take it for repairs. The options include a semi-trailer dealership or an auto repair shop. However, there are still the options of using your fleet technician or conducting DIY semi-trailer repairs. Nevertheless, hiring a full-time fleet technician can be a costly expense, and DIY repairs are ill-advised, especially if you are not adequately equipped or experienced to handle semi-trailer repairs.

Thus, the most common options for semi-trailer repairs tend to be either at a dealership or an auto repair shop. However, because most people are under the impression that auto repair shops are cheaper, they tend to shy away from dealerships when they require semi-trailer repairs to be done.

There are several tremendous benefits you get to enjoy by getting semi-trailer repairs from a dealership that an auto repair shop may not be able to provide. Here are two undeniable benefits of getting semi-trailer repairs done at a dealership.

Saving Time

Ideally, when your semi-trailer breaks down or gets into a collision, you want the semi-trailer repairs conducted promptly so that the trailer can get back to work as soon as possible. One of the main factors you need to consider when looking for reliable semi-trailer repairs is how soon the repairs can get done.

Most people opt for auto repair shops because their semi-trailer repairs costs are relatively lower than at a dealership. However, because most people favor auto repair shops, these shops are often overwhelmed by many clients at any given time. So when you take your commercial truck in for repairs, there is a chance that you will find a queue of other trailers also awaiting repairs. Thus, you may have to wait for a few days or weeks before the auto shop can commence semi-trailer repairs on your trailer. In most cases, you will not get the semi-trailer repairs completed as promptly as you would wish.

However, semi-trailer dealerships do not have as much queuing as auto repair shops because most people shy away from them due to their relatively higher semi-trailer repair costs. But because there is minimal queuing and waiting time, the dealership mechanics and technicians can commence the repairs immediately. If you want your semi-trailer back quickly, then a dealership is the best place to get prompt semi-trailer repairs.

You Could Pay Less for the Repairs

When you buy a semi-trailer from a dealership, you usually get a warranty. In some warranties, semi-trailer repairs are covered or subsidized. So if your warranty period has not expired and you need semi-trailer repairs, it is advisable to take it to the dealership from which you bought it.

In most cases, the warranty usually covers either of the following semi-trailer repair aspects:

  • Subsidized replacement parts prices
  • Free/Subsidized labor costs

Provided your warranty period has not expired, a dealership will usually cover one of the above aspects of your semi-trailer repairs.

However, when you get semi-trailer repairs from an auto repair shop, there are no such discounts. You have to cover the total costs of the semi-trailer repairs. Even though dealerships are more expensive under warranty, the total cost of the semi-trailer repairs can be significantly lower than what you would pay at an auto dealership.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for a commercial truck repair service near you.