A Mobile Tire Repair Mechanic Offers Emergency Help or Routine Tire Services

A flat tire brings a quick end to your fun when you're out shopping or heading to a restaurant. It's never a good time to have a flat, and you can get a flat tire anywhere. You may not know how to change a flat tire, or you may prefer not to get hot or dirty. In that case, call a mobile tire repair company. Here's how a mobile tire repair company can help keep your tires in good shape.

Patch or Plug Holes

A mobile tire repair mechanic shows up with a truck full of supplies for repairing various types of tire damage. First, they decide if repairing the tire is the right thing to do because they want to keep you safe. If repairs aren't possible, they may put your spare on for you and advise you to get a new tire.

Put a New Tire On

The mobile tire repair truck may also be stocked with tires. If there's a match for your car, the mechanic can sell you a new tire on the spot and put it on your car. This might be a better option than repairs if your damaged tire has poor tread or has extensive damage. The mechanic is able to take credit card payments at your location, or you might be able to pay online using their app.

Inflate a Low Tire

If you have a slow leak, the mechanic might inflate it so you have time to get to a tire shop and think about what you want to do about the tire. If all your tires are old, it may be time to replace them so you don't get another flat. If the puncture is very big, inflating the tire may not be wise unless the mechanic makes repairs.

Provide Emergency or Routine Service

A mobile tire repair company can provide emergency service if you have a flat while driving on the highway. They can also provide routine service at your home so you can avoid sitting in a tire shop all afternoon. If you're getting new tires, you might schedule the work on the company's app and set an appointment so the work can be done in your driveway.

However, if it's night or you're broke down near a highway, you'll want quick service. A mobile mechanic can repair a flat or replace a flat in many cases, but there are times when it might be better to tow your car to the shop. Either way, a mobile tire repair company can get you help when you need it most.