How to Prevent Flat Tires

The constant weight, pressure, and friction that your tires experience mean that as they wear down, they are increasingly at risk of springing a leak and becoming flat. This can be a serious safety concern since a sudden flat tire while driving can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and collide with another vehicle or some other obstacle. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the risk of your tires suddenly springing a flat. Read More 

Why Buy A Diesel Truck Over A Gas Truck?

Most light duty trucks that you see on the road have gasoline engines. However, just because most people make a certain choice does not make it the right choice for you. If you are thinking of buying a light duty truck, you may want to go with a diesel engine rather than a gas one. Diesel has a few advantages -- such as those that follow. Better Fuel Mileage Diesel trucks tend to get more miles per gallon than gasoline trucks. Read More 

Does Your Semi Need Repairs?

Owning your own commercial trucking business with an owner-operated semi is your livelihood. Your expensive rig allows you to pick up clients and serve people all over the country, doing what you love. When your commercial vehicle fails, you lose business and profits. Learn these signs your semi needs repairs. Fluids leaking from the cab Your semi should never have leaks underneath the vehicle, with the exception of water  from your air conditioner (which isn't a concern unless there is coolant in the fluid). Read More 

Tire Maintenance Tips For Over-The-Road Truck Drivers

As an over-the-road truck driver, you understand how important it is to keep your vessel in good condition. You work for yourself, and your clients are counting on you to get those deliveries to their destination on schedule. A big part of making this happen is maintaining your tires. A tire blowout can set you back so much that you're unable to get your loads to the intended location when they are supposed to be there. Read More 

Three Signs You Need To Replace Your Car Battery

Your car's battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, since it is the power source for all of the electrical systems within your car and even powers the ignition system that allows the engine to start up. As such, any sort of physical damage or malfunctioning on the part of the battery can have wide-ranging effects on the rest of your vehicle, and can even turn into a safety concern by reducing the performance of your vehicle while driving. Read More