3 Major Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Tires When They Get A Puncture

Do you have a vehicle with a flat tire? Are you wondering if you really need to pay money to replace the tire or if there are other options available to you? If the tire is flat because it is old and worn out, you may have no other choice at this point. But if the tire is relatively new and still has a decent amount of wear on the treads, it's possible that you have another option: having your tire repaired by a professional. Read More 

5 Reasons To Take Care Of Auto Glass Repair

When you're driving down the highway, the last thing you want to deal with is a cracked or shattered windshield. This can happen when a rock or other debris hits your windshield, and it can cause damage that spreads quickly. The good news is that auto glass repair companies can get your windshield and auto glass back in order again after only a few moments of work. Don't be tempted to put off getting repairs, as it can be dangerous. Read More 

Getting To The Bottom Of A Rough Idle in Cold Weather

It's happened to almost everyone at one point or another: your car is running well all summer long, and then everything seems to fall apart once winter arrives. As the cold weather rolls in, many automotive problems may begin to stir from their summer slumbers. One of the more common complaints that mechanics run into is the "winter idle." If your car has suddenly begun to idle poorly in the low temperatures, then it may be suffering from this aptly named condition. Read More 

Do You Know The Signs Of Transmission Trouble?

The car's transmission is second only to its engine in creating the force needed to make a vehicle move. Transmissions harness the power created by the combustion engine and transfer it through the drivetrain to the wheels. In addition to being second only to the engine in moving the car, it is also usually second only to the engine in the cost of repairs, should it fail. This is why every driver should know the early warning signs that their car's transmission is struggling and in need of repair. Read More 

Three Common Air Flow Repairs

Although modern vehicles have become incredibly complex, the basics of an internal combustion engine remain the same. Any engine still requires three basic elements to run: fuel, compression, and spark. Without these elements, your engine won't produce power and your car won't get you very far. There's a hidden fourth requirement, however, and that's "air." In order for your engine's fuel to actually burn, an appropriate amount of air must be pumped into the combustion chamber. Read More