The Advantages of a Trusted Auto Repair Shop

A Few Things To Know About Your Vehicle’s Suspension System

As you drive along in your vehicle, you're probably not thinking too much about the suspension system. However, it's the suspension system that gives you such a relaxing and smooth ride. That's because your vehicle's suspension system is absorbing all those annoying bumps in the road. Not only does the suspension system offer comfort, it also helps keep you safe on the road. If you want to better understand you vehicle's suspension system, here are a few things you should know about it. Read More 

Is Your Tire Damaged? What To Look For When Inspecting Tire Damage

A tire can be damaged in a number of ways, including punctures or tears. The main types of damages fall into three categories: cuts, punctures, and abrasions. Each type of damage has its own characteristics and causes. These differences are important because they will determine what type of repair will be best. Keep reading to know what to do when your tires are damaged. The Three Types of Tire Damage Read More 

4 Maintenance Tips for High-Mileage Work Trucks

There's a superficial appeal to operating brand-new work trucks, but many fleet operators know that reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness are far more critical than appearances. A well-maintained high-mileage fleet can continue to put it in years of service, saving you money better spent elsewhere. Keeping older vehicles in service does require some special considerations, however. If you've got any trucks in your fleet that have seen better days, then this article is for you. Read More 

4 Important Signs You Need To Get Your Brakes Looked At

Beyond changing the fluids in your vehicle and keeping an eye on your tires, your brake system is one of the top systems that will require repair and maintenance over the years, as brake parts are only effective for a certain number of miles. As your brakes are so crucial to the safe use of your vehicle, it is essential to understand the warning signs your vehicle gives you when you need new brakes. Read More 

Top Decisions That You’ll Need To Make When Buying A Diesel Engine

If the engine in your diesel-powered vehicle is in poor condition, or if you have decided that you want to upgrade your engine for one reason or another, then you might be in the market to purchase a diesel-powered engine. If this is the case, there are a few key decisions that you will need to make. You can start by making the decisions below, and you'll be on your way to buying and installing a new diesel-powered engine in your truck, sports utility vehicle, or diesel-powered car. Read More