Dirt Road Driving: 3 Parts To Help Reduce Noise & Vibration

If you have to travel down a dirt or gravel road on a daily basis, then you understand how loud every little movement can be. In some vehicles, it may seem like you can hear every little crunch of the rocks or dirt that you drive over. Not only can these sounds quickly get annoying, but it can make it hard to hear things like music, podcasts, GPS directions, or telephone conversations. Read More 

Four Noises That May Indicate A Serious Problem With Your Car

When you drive, your car makes plenty of noises that you have probably learned to ignore because the sounds are just part of the normal operation of your vehicle. However, when you start to notice unusual loud noises coming from your engine when you drive, you need to figure out if the sounds are the signs of a serious problem. The following guide describes sounds that indicate your car is in need of immediate repair. Read More