Signs Your Vehicle Will Give You When Your Suspension Is Worn Out

Your vehicle suspension is what absorbs all the bumps in the road as your drive. Your vehicle's suspension is responsible for that smooth ride you feel when you drive your vehicle. When your vehicle's suspension starts to get worn down, you start to feel it in your ride. The four specific differences you'll notice when your vehicle's suspension gets worn out is excessive shaking, lots of bouncing, and uneven tire wear:

#1 Excessive Shaking

One of the first things you will notice is that your vehicle seems to shake when you drive. You will feel this shaking in your steering wheel. When your shocks first start to wear out, you will be able to feel the shaking most prominently when you are driving fast or slowing down from high speeds to low speeds. As your suspension continues to get worn down, you'll notice it even when driving at low speeds. You'll feel like you need to really grip onto your steering wheel as you drive.

#2 Lots of Bouncing

Second, you will notice that your ride is getting a lot bouncier. Roads are far from being smooth, and your suspension is what makes your ride smooth. When your suspension starts to wear out, you will feel every bump and depression in the road as you drive. You will feel a little more like you are on an amusement park ride than in your vehicle. You'll notice that your car doesn't ride as smoothly as it used to.

#3 Uneven Wearing

Third, a worn out suspension does not only affect how your vehicle feels when you drive, it also affects how your tires wear down. If you are feeling like your vehicle is feeling bumpy and shaky when you are driving down the road, you should check out your tires. When your suspension starts to fail, it generally puts more pressure on either your front or back tires. If you look at your tires, you will see that they are wearing at an accelerated rate and that they have an usually wear pattern that is more focused on the side of the wheel than the center of the wheel.

A vehicle that shakes and feels bumpy as you go down the road, and has tires with an uneven wear pattern developing on them needs to have its suspension checked and repaired. If you experience these symptoms when you drive, be sure to reach out to your local auto repair shop for assistance and an official diagnostic of suspension repair. 

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