Does Your Vehicle Need New Tires? 3 Signs It’s Time

Your vehicle moves you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go. However, you aren't going to make it all that far if you don't have the right tires on your vehicle. If your tires aren't in good shape, they aren't going to take you that far at all. Your tires are important and need to be monitored and cared for in order to keep your vehicle moving and your tires in good shape to make it through their lifetime before experiencing any issues. If you aren't maintaining your tires, you are going to end up with issues long before you should. Read on for a few signs that it may be time for new tires and other tips.

1. Your Tires Are Making Noises

If you hear any noises coming from your tires, they may need to be replaced. Your tires shouldn't make that much noise at all, except maybe when they are new to the road. If you hear a flapping noise, a thudding, or other noises, you may want to have them rotated or replaced altogether in order to ensure they are safe for driving. If you hear flapping or thudding, they may be either low or completely flat and you need to pay attention to this. Flat or low tires can cause all types of issues including issues with stopping or driving, or you may notice an increase in gas mileage usage.

2. Your Vehicle Is Pulling

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling one way or another, it may be because your tires are low, or they have uneven wear to them. If your tires are pulling your vehicle, it may be difficult to keep your vehicle on the road and you could end up in an accident if you aren't careful. You may also have an issue with it wearing on other parts of your vehicle as well. If you notice pulling in your vehicle while driving, have your tires looked at and rotated or replaced if needed.

3. You Have No Tire Tread

If you notice that you can no longer see the tread lines in parts of your tires, you may need to have your tires replaced. This could be uneven wear, or they could be too worn out that they are no longer safe for driving on the road. Taking your vehicle to the auto repair shop to have them inspected is important.

If you aren't sure if your tires need to be replaced, take your vehicle in to have them checked and either rotated, repaired, or replaced. Contact a local auto service shop to learn more.