Should You Repair Or Rebuild Your Transmission?

A transmission is a crucial vehicle component without which your car can't operate. So, when you encounter a transmission problem, you must find a solution to continue operations. Various options are available to resolve transmission issues.

Two such options are transmission repairs and rebuilds. Before you opt for either service, your technician first determines the severity of the problem at hand.

How Extensive Is the Damage?

How severe your transmission issue is will determine whether you need a repair or rebuild. Transmission repairs usually solve problems in parts that you can easily replace. Also, most issues detected early are generally resolved with transmission repairs.

Nonetheless, transmission repairs usually add up if the damage is extreme and a single repair doesn't resolve all the issues. If the repairs are intensive, consider a rebuild. Otherwise, the problem could compound over time, or you could face many transmission repairs.

When Do You Need Transmission Repairs?

Transmission repairs are ideal when you need to replace minor parts to bring your transmission to order. Often transmission repairs let you fix a specific part of the transmission. Repairs usually cost less than rebuilds. However, repairs may be unsuitable if your transmission has suffered extensive damage. Examples of transmission repairs are component adjustments, in-car repairs, and reseals.

Transmission repairs are also suitable if the issue lies on the surface level. In such cases, your technicians don't need to disassemble the transmission for repair. So, always opt for a technician who can determine whether you need a repair or rebuild. Otherwise, a different part could break soon after if you get a transmission repair for a big problem.

How Are Transmission Rebuilds Undertaken?

During a rebuild, your auto repair technician takes the whole transmission apart and troubleshoots it. Then, they replace any failed, worn, or damaged parts. After that, the transmission is reassembled and returned to your car. Transmission rebuilds include fitting new sealants, installing complete soft part kits, and inspecting hard parts.

Transmission rebuilds are custom processes for individual cars and require a transmission specialist. The process is also labor-intensive and takes some time to complete. Also, the success of a transmission rebuild depends on the expertise of the rebuilder who performs the work.


Always look for a reliable auto repair technician who can accurately diagnose your transmission problem. Then, you will be sure of an accurate diagnosis of whether you need a rebuild or transmission repair. Also, remember that neither of the two will work in some cases, and you will need a transmission replacement.

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