What Should You Do If You Purchased Property With Abandoned Junk Cars?

When buying a shiny new home, you usually don't expect to find an old car or two sitting in the driveway. Unfortunately, the situation can be somewhat different if you buy undeveloped land or property that includes secluded private access roads. These areas are prime real estate for people to abandon their old and unwanted vehicles, which can suddenly turn them into your problem. Contacting a junk car buyer that offers a free removal service is often the most cost-effective way to solve these issues, but the situation isn't as straightforward as junking a car you own. Before you call someone to haul away one or more abandoned vehicles on your property, make sure you follow these three critical steps.

1. Check Your Local Laws

Not every state has the same laws for abandoned property. In some cases, purchasing a plot of land doesn't entitle you to remove vehicles without first contacting your state motor vehicle department or local law enforcement agency. Reputable junk car buyers will want to handle this process smoothly and legally, so you should familiarize yourself with your options. If you're unsure, contact your local department of motor vehicles and ask about your state's laws for abandoned cars. Local junk car buyers may also have information on this process. Depending on your state and the vehicle's age, you may need to obtain a title or provide evidence of abandonment.

2. Evaluate the Area

Most junk car buyers have flatbeds that can reach some relatively challenging locations, but you'll still want to evaluate the area before scheduling a pickup. Ensure that a tow truck can reach the car and that the road is safe for travel. If the abandoned vehicle or vehicles are on dirt or gravel roads, it may be wise to avoid scheduling a pickup after a rain, so the tow driver doesn't risk getting stuck in the mud. You should also look for any other potential hazards and do your best to clear them. Heavy brush and similar obstacles may make it challenging to load the cars onto a flatbed, so you should do what you can to clear these obstructions and make it easier to haul the abandoned cars away.

3. Inform the Junk Car Buyer

Finally, inform your junk car buyer of the situation before they arrive. Let them know that you're dealing with abandoned vehicles on a property you purchased or inherited, and make it clear that you've taken the necessary steps to dispose of them legally. You'll also want to let them know about any special situations, such as unfinished or muddy roads leading up to the cars.

Although dealing with abandoned cars on your inherited or purchased lot can involve a few extra steps, cleaning up your property is worth it. By working with a local junk car buyer, you can get rid of these vehicles at no cost and even put a few extra dollars in your pocket for the trouble. 

For more information, contact a local junk car removal service.