Is Your Tire Damaged? What To Look For When Inspecting Tire Damage

A tire can be damaged in a number of ways, including punctures or tears. The main types of damages fall into three categories: cuts, punctures, and abrasions. Each type of damage has its own characteristics and causes. These differences are important because they will determine what type of repair will be best. Keep reading to know what to do when your tires are damaged.

The Three Types of Tire Damage

There are a few different ways the tires on your vehicle can be damaged. Therefore, you want to be able to identify specific types of damage. These issues are often more than just a puncture and might require a skilled tire repair service to save your treads from getting the full life out of your tires. The main types of damage to tires that vehicle owners often need to have repaired include:

Cut tires

When tires are cut, it often means that deep gouges need to be repaired. If the cuts are severe, they might be difficult to repair. A professional tire repair service will make sure that the cut is correctly patched and that the repair will withstand driving conditions. This is often done when common repairs for punctures caused by things like nails can't be used.

Puncture tires

The tires on your car or truck can also be damaged by punctures. The punctures in tires can be caused by road debris, nails, and other materials that you might run over. Often, these are just small holes that can be patched with a quick tire repair kit. Even if you have used a kit to fix the tire, you want to take it to a repair service to have it properly patched to ensure the repair lasts.

Abrasion tires

There are also issues with abrasions that can cause severe damage to tires. If this type of damage is too close to the sidewalls of the tire, an expert might recommend replacing the damaged tire replaced. Some tires can be retreaded if needed, and if the abrasion has weakened the tire, a patch can be installed inside it to reinforce the treads and prevent blowouts.

Understand the three types of tire damage so that you can prevent issues from developing and happening to you.

The Importance of an Alignment After Repairs

After you have identified tire problems and repaired them, there is still more work to do. It is important to take your car to a qualified tire repair service because they can do more than just repair the damage. They will also rotate the tires and do an alignment to reduce wear and improve the handling of your vehicle.

Contact a professional tire repair service to repair the damage to your tires and have an alignment done.