4 Maintenance Tips for High-Mileage Work Trucks

There's a superficial appeal to operating brand-new work trucks, but many fleet operators know that reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness are far more critical than appearances. A well-maintained high-mileage fleet can continue to put it in years of service, saving you money better spent elsewhere. Keeping older vehicles in service does require some special considerations, however.

If you've got any trucks in your fleet that have seen better days, then this article is for you. Check out these four maintenance tips to keep your high-mileage vehicles on the roads for tens of thousands of miles more.

1. Take a Proactive Purchasing Strategy

Don't wait for breakdowns before buying parts. Even the most reliable vehicles will suffer failures as the odometer ticks up, and it's best to be ready for these eventualities. If you operate many similar models, then pay attention to the parts that fail the most often. Consider proactively purchasing replacement parts for vehicles that haven't yet experienced these failures.

Keeping a stock of troublesome parts on hand will help you significantly reduce your downtime. If your drivers notice the symptoms of trouble early enough, you may even be able to avoid a roadside tow with a preventative replacement.

2. Work With a Reliable Parts Dealer

You may not need to be too picky about your parts dealers when it comes to trucks that just rolled off the assembly line. The situation is markedly different for older or high-mileage vehicles, however. In these cases, you want a parts dealer that can recommend reliable parts and stand by them should anything go wrong.

Developing a relationship with a reliable parts dealer is the best way to ensure that you'll always be able to find the part you need, even if it's an obscure item for an outdated truck model.

3. Consider Aftermarket Alternatives

It's often a good idea to use genuine replacement parts on newer trucks, but aftermarket alternatives may be more cost-effective on older models. If the vehicle is old enough, factory parts may be costly or completely unavailable. Aftermarket parts are an excellent cost-saving measure and one that you can choose with confidence if you work with your dealer to select reputable replacements.

4. Stay Ahead of Maintenance

Deferred maintenance kills vehicles of every variety, from personal cars up to heavy-duty industrial machinery. When you're working with older trucks, it's critical to stay on top of routine maintenance to avoid more expensive failures in the future. Purchasing brakes, oil filters, and other everyday maintenance items in advance will ensure that you can stay ahead of your routine maintenance needs.

There's no need to abandon perfectly functional work trucks just because they have a few miles under their belts. With proper maintenance and the support of a reliable work truck parts dealer, you can squeeze many more years of service from these venerable vehicles.