4 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

Winter can be tough on your vehicle, which is why you want to make sure that you prepare your vehicle for winter weather and driving conditions. With winter weather right around the corner, here are a few ways to prepare your vehicle. 

#1 Check All of Your Lights

One of the defining characteristics of winter is the darkness. It gets darker a lot earlier in the winter, and when it's overcast and stormy outside, it can be pretty dark as well. That's why having all of your lights working is extremely important. Have someone help you, and check all of the lights on your vehicle to make sure they are working.  

#2 Clear Your Lights

As you check your lights, pay attention to how bright the lights are. If you notice that your headlights, brake lights, or turning lights seem to be fogged over or have a yellow tint to them, invest in a restoration kit. A restoration kit will remove the buildup from your headlights. Removing the buildup from your headlights will make your lights brighter and clearer.  

#3 Check Your Battery

Cold winter weather puts more strain on your battery. If your battery is weak, it is more likely to go out in the wintertime. Have a volt test performed on your battery; this will tell you how much charge is still left in your battery. If the volt test is low, you should look at changing out your battery before it goes out on you. If the volt test is high, then your battery is in good shape for winter weather.  

#4 Fill Up Your Coolant

Coolant helps cool off your engine when it gets hot. In the winter, coolant also protects your engine from the cold weather as well. Check the coolant levels in your vehicle and make sure that your coolant tank is filled up to the minimum fill level at least. It is a good idea to keep your coolant above the maximum fill line.  

Check on the quality of your coolant as well. If your coolant is off-colored, or if there are any particles in the coolant, have your coolant flushed. Flushing your coolant removes all old coolant from the system and clears away any buildup in your transmission as well.  

Get your vehicle ready for winter by making sure all of your lights are working and bright. Make sure your battery can handle the cold weather and check that your coolant is up to the task as well. Locate a mechanic near you or speak with Professional Automotive for more information.