Does Your Semi Need Repairs?

Owning your own commercial trucking business with an owner-operated semi is your livelihood. Your expensive rig allows you to pick up clients and serve people all over the country, doing what you love. When your commercial vehicle fails, you lose business and profits. Learn these signs your semi needs repairs.

Fluids leaking from the cab

Your semi should never have leaks underneath the vehicle, with the exception of water  from your air conditioner (which isn't a concern unless there is coolant in the fluid). Any dark liquid coming from underneath your semi's cab is a sign your truck needs repairs.

In some cases, simply servicing your rig to replace and fill fluids is all you need. Sometimes, though, your hoses may be split, torn, or loose, which can lead to more extensive mechanical repairs.

Failure to start properly

Does your semi take numerous attempts to start? When the motor does run, does it sputter before it starts to life? Do you have issues getting your motor to stay running so you can effectively start your work for the day?

A slow-starting engine can be a sign of transmission, alternator, battery, or engine issues. These are all problems that will worsen with time until your vehicle fails to start at all. Before you do any more damage to your rig, take it into a specialty mechanic for an inspection and repairs.

Grinding/burning brakes

Since your vehicle is a large rig, having well-working brakes is essential to your safety and that of those who are driving around you as well. Your brakes should not whine, grind, squeal, go all the way to the floor, or appear slow to work. They also should not emit a burning odor when used.

Your brake pads may simply need replaced. Or, if you use your rig on gravelly roads, a rock or other debris may be stuck in your brakes, causing them to make a loud clanging or whining sound. Have your brakes checked regularly as part of your truck's inspection.

Warning dash lights

All motorized vehicles are equipped with warning dash lights that come on when the sensors within the vehicle determine something is wrong. If you see a warning light on your dash, stop driving your semi immediately and call for emergency repairs, especially if the check engine light is on. Often, once the light comes on, the damage has already been done and repairs are needed.

Contact a service, like C L Enterprises, for more help.