Protect Your Speedboat’s New Windshield From Damage

If your speedboat's windshield was recently replaced, the following tips will assist with protecting the new piece of glass so that it remains intact and does not become severely scratched while out enjoying your time cruising through the water and during times that you are not utilizing the watercraft. 

Inspect And Replace Wiper Blades And Clean The Windshield After Outings

After taking your speedboat out on the water, visually inspect the windshield wiper blades to make sure that no debris is stuck on them or that the blades rubber edges are not worn down, which could cause the blades to scrape along the windshield and cause damage during a future water excursion. Clean the windshield with a soft, lint-free cloth that has been dampened with a glass cleaner. Dry the windshield with a fresh cloth.

Add A Waterproof Barrier To Glass

If you will be using the boat on a day that it may rain, apply a waterproof barrier to the windshield before heading out. A waterproof barrier is a liquid agent that can be rubbed onto glass with a soft cloth. If it rains and the windshield wipers do not work when you turn them on or if they become dirty while out on the water and are at risk of damaging the glass while being used, you can leave the wipers off and raindrops will roll down the glass as your boat moves through the water and your visibility will not be compromised.

Cover The Windshield When The Boat Is Not Being Used

Purchase a windshield cover that is designed for the particular speedboat model that you own. Many types of covers have fasteners on the edge of them that will secure to the sides of your boat. If you are wary about a cover blowing off of your boat, however, purchase a cover that is designed to slip over the front portion of your boat or the entire watercraft .

A waterproof cover that is wind resistant will provide you with peace of mind during times that the weather conditions are supposed to be rough and you are not going to be able to store your watercraft in a storage facility. A cover will also prevent the need to place individual covers over the windshield wiper blades to prevent them from sticking to the glass if the temperatures will be below freezing or if snow or freezing rain are imminent. For more information, contact companies like Coats Auto Body and Paint.