Are Mismatched Tires Right For Your Car?

Depending on your budget, you might have to make some tough decisions. One possible decision is whether or not to buy mismatched tires for your car. The tires can lead to savings and put you back on the road, but there are some drawbacks you have to factor into your decision. If you are considering mismatched tires, here is what you need to know.  

What Is the Problem With Mismatched Tires?

A matched set of tires has many benefits, including an identical reaction to various weather and road conditions. With a mismatched set, the only benefits you have are saving money and being able to drive your car again. However, mismatched tires could mean unsafe driving conditions for you and your passengers.  

A mismatched set of tires consists of one or more tires that is not the same brand, size, or model as the other tires. There are several reasons buying the tires might not be the best decision.  

For instance, mismatched tires often mean more wear and tear on certain tires. When the tires are not driving evenly over the road, some tires can experience more wear and tear than others. As a result, they are more vulnerable to serious consequences, such as a blowout.  

Mismatched tires could even lead to alignment issues. Instead of needing just a new set of tires, you could end up paying for mechanical problems that resulted from driving your car with the tires misaligned.  

What Can You Do?

Ideally, you should try to buy a matched set of tires when it is time for new ones. However, if your budget does not allow for it, there are certain things you can do to get the safest possible mismatched tires possible.  

For instance, you need to look for tires that are in the same performance category as your current tires. Ratings, such as the speed ratings and traction characteristics should be the same. This will help to increase the likelihood that the car will still operate safely.  

You also need to ensure that the tread is similar to that of your current tires. If you are buying used tires, finding tires with similar tread can be challenging and you might have to pay more, but you can still save on buying the tire.  

Talk to your auto mechanic about other steps you can take to increase the likelihood that any mismatched tires you buy are safe for your car. For more information, contact companies like Sharp Transmissions.