Five Simple Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself With No Problems

Car repair may seem like such a daunting task. However, there are several car repairs you can do on your own, if you are willing to learn how. The following five repairs are the easiest ones to do. By doing these repairs yourself, you will save time and money.

Changing out Your Battery Connections and the Battery

Car batteries have a long life. The battery connections, however, may have a shorter lifespan than the batteries to which they are connected. A car battery that leaks battery acid will shorten the life of your battery connections. If you need to replace these, they are quite easy to replace. You will have to disconnect the battery, take it out, find the opposite ends of the connection cables, disconnect those, and then reverse this process to install new connectors and a new battery.

Replacing Wheel Rims

Replacing wheel rims is a lot like changing a flat tire. The only difference is that you will need to remove the tire from the current rim, stick the tire on the rim and then put the whole thing back on. It helps to slowly deflate the tire as it will then peel right off the rim. Then reinflate the tire once it is back on the car.

Pulling Dents

Dents in your car panels and fenders are also easy to remove. You can buy dent repair kits from just about any automotive store or big box retailer. Follow the instructions on the kit to remove your dents and then fill and repaint as needed.

Replacing Head and Tail Lights

Most people do not realize that head and tail lights are nothing more than light bulbs behind plastic panels. If you unscrew the frames that hold these panels in place, you can take the broken panels out, unscrew or unplug the light bulb(s), install a new bulb (or bulbs) and then replace the plastic panels before screwing the frame back in over the top. It takes all of maybe fifteen or twenty minutes and only costs you the replacement parts (if applicable) and the bulb(s).

Replacing Fuses

Most cars have a fuse box. Most drivers are oblivious to this fact. Look for your fuse box, then check all of the fuses with an instrument you can buy from an auto parts store. If any of the fuses register as dead, you can buy a bag of auto fuses and switch out the dead ones with new ones. You can also upgrade fuse power, which may make things work better in your vehicle.